Thursday, March 20, 2008

General Orders Number Five

I've spent the last couple of posts talking about heroes. I think it is appropriate on this day of days to speak of the greatest hero of them all. Of course, I'm talking about the Lord Jesus. On this day, almost 2,000 years ago, he suffered beyond words to describe. He allowed Himself to be arrested, tried at a mockery of a trial, scourged almost to death, be sentenced to die though the "judge" found no guilt in Him, be crowned with a crown of thorns, and carry His cross through the city that He wept over a little less than a week before. "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and you would not!"

I was in Jerusalem a little less than a month ago and stood at the site of Golgotha -the place of the skull. There is bus station in front of that rocky hill now... but the skull remains. Just like it was on that day when Christ died for God and God was satisfied with Christ.

Around the corner from the bus station is the Garden Tomb. Whether it is the tomb or not doesn't matter to me. What matters is the sign on the door. "He is not here for He has risen!" For someone who desires to be a writer, I will confess, that no greater words can be written than these words -- for they contain the hope of mankind and the revelation of God that He has gathered us unto Himself.

When I began my adventure in all things Civil War, my first intensive study was Stonewall Jackson. It was the simple way he lived his Christianity that attracted me to his life. Stuart followed, then Lee. All the same. Men, who believed that He is not here for He has risen were the greatest words ever spoken, then allowed those words to be the guiding influence in their lives.

The story of God's love for man is the greatest story ever told, and the fact that I am allowed to partake of His goodness and mercy all the days of my life humbles me. On this day of all days, I remember that He came to earth, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, rose on the third day, and ascended into Heaven where he reigns at the right hand of the Majesty on High. And because He reigns... my sole duty is to repent and believe the good news. And it is good news! So, on this day of days, I will praise the greatest hero known to me.

I'm providing a link for Sandi Patty's Via Dolorosa. Sandi is my favorite singer and this song says what I'm trying to say much better. Enjoy. (The link is to the right "My Favorite Links" )

**This was posted from Tel Aviv, Israel on Good Friday at 7:12 a.m.